Mindo was formed in 2007 by four friends and university classmates who had a common idea and goal: to find a product that they could design, produce and market worldwide. Each brought a different skill level and experience to the group and shortly after graduation, they created the Mindo Collection in the factory they acquired outside Shanghai. After the product line was designed, prototyped and launched, it met with immediate success in the European, Middle East and local markets for both hospitality and retail requirements.


Building on this experience, Mindo has formed a U.S. corporation and opened warehouses with offices in California and Florida so that the collection will be available to the North American hospitality and trade-related markets on the local level.



Mindo is synonymous with premium outdoor furniture. The company is an all-inclusive operation: we design, manufacture, deliver and provide after sales service. As a result, Mindo offers a totally integrated solution for outdoor furniture requirements. In its brief history, the company has created an environment that provides outstanding design, a superior quality level, comfort, custom opportunities and a service level unsurpassed for our clients. Mindo manufactures exclusive in-line standard designs, as well as develops custom products for other companies’ brand requirements.


At Mindo, we understand that the key to success is made of many components: design, quality, competitive pricing, delivery times and customer service. From the selection of raw materials to the packing materials for shipping, every component is selected for its quality and performance. In addition, we strive to be eco-friendly, with a low carbon footprint. Mindo continually selects product components that are recyclable, such as aluminum or woven materials.


We cordially invite you to review our new collection.